Orthopedic Gel Ankle Brace

Orthopedic Gel Ankle Brace
Model Number: AK-052
Product Name: Orthopedic Gel Ankle Brace
Function: Rigid contoured outer shells control inversion or eversion while allowing for normal dorsi-flexion
gel bladders for cold therapy and even-distributed pressure
Product Details

Range of Application:

Mild to moderate ankle sprain

Chronic ankle instability

Prophylactic and therapeutic use in sport activities

About The Product:

1. One size fits all.

2. Simply to apply and adjust by two circumferential straps.

3. Suitable to wear while ankle rehabilitation or recovery stage.

4. Rigid contoured outer shells have hot/cold pack to stabilize ankle and provide the cushioning to relieve the pain.

5. Heel straps can be adjustable the size to fit ankle snugly.

6. Easily adjustable heel straps

7. Hook and loop straps provide simple and easy application.

8. Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells which help stabilize and protect the ankle

9.  Ankle Support Brace resists inversion more than taping, yet normal flexion is virtually unrestricted

10. Universal fit allows the Ankle Support Brace to be worn on either the left or right foot


Material: Plastic, gel, Hook/Loop faster

Size: Universal

Color: White

Use Instruction:

Put it on the foot and adjust the loop/hook faster

Preservation Method

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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