Medical Foam Arm Sling

Medical Foam Arm Sling
Model Number: AS-005
Product Name: Medical Foam Arm Sling
Function: To rest the arm and immobilize it.
Product Details

Range of Application:

Immobilization after rotator cuff repair or shoulder girdle fracture

Shoulder dislocation/subluxation


Soft foam envelop style

Straps with O-ring buckles for easy adjustment

Fits right or left arm

Sling made in velour laminated with foam (with cotton inside) in bag form for the forearm and hook and loop fasteners. Fastening bands allowing regulation of arm height and independent adjustable shoulder immobiliser band on the belt.

Ideal for:
* Shoulder dislocation
* Humeral&Clavicular fracture
* Other arm/shoulder injuries
* Post-operation/plaster application

About the product:

Traditional envelope arm sling comfortably distributes the weight of the am following surgical or non-surgical treatment of the arm, hand or shoulder.

Made in strong, seamless quality design. Fast and simple application with slide buckle adjustment. Poly/cotton material.

Collar & cuff

Foam arm sling


Feom S to XL size - adjustable

As used in hospitals


Material: foam, velour, metal ring


Color: Beige

Use Instruction:

Put the arm into envelope at first, the shoulder strap get through the neck and the metal ring. The hook touch with velour on the shoulder strap. The other strap around waist to fix the envelop.

Preservation Method:

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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