Medical Magnetic Back Brace Waist Belt

Medical Magnetic Back Brace Waist Belt
Model Number: BK-009
Product Name: Medical Magnetic Back Brace Waist Belt
Function: Provide intra-abdominal pressure against spinal instability
support back muscles and prevent undesired range of motion
Rhomboid tension side-pulls flatten the lordosis
Product Details

Range of Application:



Facet joint dysfunction

Mild spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis

Inter-vertebral disc herniation (HIVD)

After lumbar laminectomy or discectomy

Postural hypotension due to cervical spinal cord injury

Ligamentous disorders or back muscle strain


1. Back neoprene with side mesh

2. Twenty-five pieces of magnets at the back provide far-infrared ray to accelerate the blood circulation and keep the body warmth

3. Effective tensed side-pulls provide superior support

About the product:

Wearing a waist belt can offer effective relief from back pain, and also help to improve posture by supporting your lower back. Our range of back supports offers relief from a variety of painful back injuries and conditions including sciatica, slipped disc, prolapsed disc, tendonitis, abdominal muscle strains, minor strains and lower back pain.

Breathable, latex-free materials for all-day comfort

Support cushion pads helps target sore, aching muscles without placing pressure directly on the spine

Adjustable for customized fit and support

Back panel evenly distributes moderate support

Helps promotes proper back alignment

Easy to put on and take off


Material: Neoprene, Nylon, Elastic, magnets, Plastic, Hook/loop faster

Size: S, M,L XL

Color: Black

Use Instruction:

Put it on the waist and attached hook to the fabric on the surface, then using side pull strap to fix on the front.


Preservation Method

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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