Cervical Collar After Neck Surgery

Cervical Collar After Neck Surgery
Model Number: NK-002
Product Name: Cervical Collar After Neck Surgery
Function: Immobilizes the injured neck.
Kinesthetic reminder to limit neck movement
Limitation of movement
Product Details


Designed with an extended hook and loop closure to ensure a proper fit. Polyurethane foam is covered with a soft nature stockinette. Traditional low contour design maintains the head in a neutral position. Regular density

Ideal for:
Cervical syndrome, whip-lash neck injury & painful tilted neck
An adjunct to physical therapy or rehabilitation
An option for motion-induced pain relief
Prevents postural disturbance & chronic bending injury

About the product

CERVICAL NECK SUPPORT- Neck brace restricts head movement to help in fast healing of injuries like herniated disc,spondylosis and other medical conditions of the vertebrae

PAIN RELIEF - Provides limited cervical motion control, and is recommended wherever a reminder against making quick and painful neck movements is required

SIMPLE CLOSURE - Velcro closure allows you to make adjustments to ensure the proper fit

SLEEP IN COMFORT - Especially convenient for wear while sleeping

EASY TO FIT - Simply wrap collar around neck, and fasten velcro securely for a precise fit.


Material:Foam Polyester, cotton

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: White

Range of Application:

Acute neck pain

Minor muscle spasm associated with spondylosis

Protection during halo application

Use Instruction

Put on the neck and adjust the hook/loop closure as per user’s requirement.

Preservation Method

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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