Orthopedic Baseball Finger Splints

Orthopedic Baseball Finger Splints
Model Number: FG-001
Product Name: Orthopedic Baseball Finger Splint
Function: Immobilize sprained finger.
Stabilize the phalange joints in position.
Product Details

Range of Application:

Immobilize sprained finger

Mallet finger

Volar plate injury

Stable finger fractures

About the product:

1.MOLDABLE FRAME - aluminum frame can easily be reshaped and reused. Aluminum brace can be bended for any degrees to desired shape, but rigid enough to hold its shape and help your finger heal.

2. COMFORTABLE WEARING - a small foam padding cushion is designed for comfortably puting on your finger

3. NO TAPE DESIGN - splint firmly secures and immobilizes your finger without tape

4. ADJUSTABLE - easily adjust the brace to make it as loose or as tight as you want from any lateral movement

5. SMART DESIGN - easily putting on-off, easy storage in your trauma bag

6. Effectively: It helps phalangeal joints in position without bulky dressing when you have a finger injured or when you want to encourage new nail growth so the injured one will be pushed off.

7. Super Convenient and Comfortable to Use: the interior soft pads will make your finger ease up while the stainless steel will get your finger stay put.

8. Easy to Carry: the small size makes it suitable for any size kit.

9. All-in-one pack: the three units in one pack make it fit for both adults and children.


Semi-rigid aluminum splint with malleable arms fold to hold finger.Can be molded to a desired extension or flexion position.Protects injured finger and prevents motion-induced pain.

Ideal for:
1 ) Fracture distal and middle phalangx
2) Sprain or dislocation DIP & PIP joints
3) Mallet finger or tringger finger
4) Post-operation application


Material: Aluminum, foam

Size: S, M, L

Color: Blue

Use Instruction:

Put it on the finger and bent the aluminum as per the requirement so that the finger splint can be fixed on the finger.

Preservation Method:

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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