Thumb Brace Splint Supplier

Thumb Brace Splint Supplier
Model Number: FG-016
Product Name: Thumb Brace Splint Supplier
Function: Immobilization of the thumb
Compressive and proprioceptive effect
Product Details

Range of Application:

First metacarpophalangeal or carpometacarpal joint injury

DeQuervain's tenosynovitis & Gamekeeper’s thumb

Ligamentous laxity of the thumb (skier’s thumb)

Rheumatoid arthritis

Articular effusion & swelling

Median nerve injury


Supports and limits the motion of the thumb joint while preventing wrist rotation. Soft foam is comfortable against the skin. Fits right or left.


Material: Foam, velour, cotton,Webbing, hook/loop faster, Aluminum

Size: Universal

Color: Black

Use Instruction:

Put it on the thumb and wrist, adjust 3 straps on the thumb and wrist as per the requirement.

Preservation Method:

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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