Chinese medical and health equipment to sea sterilization

Self-help medical popularization: with the high standard of living and the improvement of health insurance system, ordinary families will also buy medical equipment to meet the daily medical needs of family members, so that self-help medical care becomes an increasingly popular demand.

The need for diagnostic and monitoring equipment, professional care equipment, and home care equipment will continue to grow. Intelligent Medical Upgrade: The breakthrough of Artificial intelligence technology integrates artificial intelligence into medical devices, and has made good clinical application in the field of rehabilitation training and life support, this trend will be more clear in the future.

Rehabilitation robot, rehabilitative training equipment, living AIDS, public environment and home-accessible facilities will be popularized. Increased awareness of health investment: the increase in personal health care also means that health awareness extends to the "big health" areas of healthcare, disease control, and body function monitoring, as well as a significant increase in the demand for corresponding medical devices. With this corresponding, signs monitoring, auxiliary treatment of the Spectrum therapy instrument, TDP lamp, if therapeutic instrument, such as rehabilitation equipment, health wearable devices (such as laser treatment instrument), home health physiotherapy instruments (such as cervical vertebra traction, lumbar traction device), TCM Physiotherapy Equipment moxibustion instrument, Meridian Pen, Meridian Physiotherapy instrument and other products demand will gradually improve.