Development status of medical devices in China

First, the income scale gradually expands In recent years, the rising tide of investment and merger has also helped push the market scale of medical device industry in a certain range. "2017-2022 China Medical Device industry market demand forecast and Investment strategic Planning Analysis Report," The 2011, the medical device industry market size of 135.4 billion yuan, 2014 exceeded 200 billion yuan, 2016 market size reached 244.8 billion yuan, an increase of 7.9% per cent, In 2011-2016, the compound grew by 12.57%.

Second, policy planning has been introduced The development of the industry is inseparable from the guarantee and support of national policies. China's medical device industry not only occupies a relatively important position in the national economy, but also closely related to the people's vital interests.

Since 2016, the state has introduced new measures to ensure the healthy development of medical device industry.

Three, large-scale development advantage is obvious 2011-2016 China's medical device industry development rate of 7%-10%, belongs to the smooth development of the industry, but the overall size is small.

Compared with foreign large-scale medical device enterprises, most of the domestic medical device enterprises belong to small and medium enterprises, the present situation of small scale determines the disadvantage of less resources and weak strength in international competition.