Four development trends of medical industry in the 2018

1. Integration and platform of industry merger and acquisition Medical device segment many, but very easy to touch the ceiling, most of the market size of about billions of, platform development will be the mainstream. Roche, Medtronic and other international giants have been strengthened through mergers and acquisitions.

Domestic, medical and mechanical mergers and acquisitions cases greatly increased, from similar products mergers and acquisitions, industrial chain merger and acquisition platform, industry integration tide has come, the new leading enterprises will continue to produce.

2, from the instrument products to the service extension "Product + Service" business model, the future of pure production and sales enterprises will be difficult to survive, only continue to provide better quality service to grow. Dean's diagnosis is a typical case of service transformation.

3, product single point innovation and breakthrough Single-point innovation drives device companies to occupy market segments.

Solexa, the originator of the second-generation sequencing instrument, has been focusing on reversible sequencing technology since 1998, with 2007 being bought by Illumina for $600 million, and still the highest proportion of global sequencing instruments.

4. Intelligent Internet of medical devices Internet Medical + smart devices: Big data platforms and smart devices, including wearable devices and medical robots, will be the most important direction for future medical device services development. Medical device manufacturers to expand medical information, health big data, chronic disease management platform will be the future trend.