Global demand for home medical devices is growing rapidly

According to authoritative institutions, the global demand for household medical equipment is growing, revenue in this area is expected to exceed $1.1 billion this year, although China is a developing country, but in recent years, the rapid growth of the economy, the people's living standard has risen dramatically, the demand for old-age health care is rising, the demand for home medical devices is also growing rapidly.

In order to meet the health needs of the people in the medical device industry put forward a lot of support policies, especially to speed up the innovation of medical device approval process, this policy will bring great help to the listing of new medical devices in China, the future will have more intelligent, portable rehabilitation medical devices are pushed onto the market. The old-age industry has begun to start, and elderly care-related spectrum therapy instrument, laser treatment instrument, lamp treatment instrument and other products demand is growing, there are already some home medical equipment started in the market, these products are expected to continue to improve the professional degree, market demand will continue to expand, Future home medical devices will become an important branch of the medical device market.