The development prospect of medical device is good, the innovation becomes the important point of industry development

In the past, because our economy is at a low level, funds have been a stumbling block in front of medical devices. Today, China's economic level, science and technology and other aspects of strength have a greater progress, the shortage of funds this short board has gradually been made up.

In contrast, innovation will become an important point of development in the next stage of medical devices. In the combination of capital, policy and other factors, the robot, 3D printing and other new generation of intelligent technology is driving the medical machinery to intelligent, lean, personalized direction of development, whether it is the industrial chain, or service mode are accelerating innovation and change.

The new type of Internet medical, telemedicine, intelligent medical and other modes gradually show a vigorous development trend. With the expansion of the medical device market capacity, there are insiders predict that China is expected to be called the world's largest medical device market in the next 20 years. However, the sheer size of the market is not the real purpose of China's medical device development, China's medical device industry will eventually achieve intelligent, high-end, international.