Three major problems in the popularization of rehabilitation medical treatment

First, the consciousness of rehabilitation did not follow The purpose of rehabilitation medicine is to regulate the patients ' dysfunction, such as the standing ability of postoperative patients, the walking ability of the disabled, and the organ dysfunction caused by chronic diseases. Among them, middle and old people are the main body of rehabilitation medicine.

However, at present, the Chinese people's understanding of rehabilitation treatment is not enough, rehabilitation consciousness still can't keep up with their own needs.

Second, the transformation should deepen At present, China's rehabilitation market scale of 20 billion yuan, if the basic level to meet the needs of rehabilitation measurement, rehabilitation market size should reach more than 100 billion yuan.

In addition, China's per capita rehabilitation consumption standard is 15 yuan, compared with US $80 per capita, China's rehabilitation medicine has a long way to go.

Third, the shortage of professional talent The shortage of rehabilitation professional talent is another problem facing rehabilitation medical care. According to statistics, the proportion of Chinese rehabilitation physicians to the basic population is about 0.4:100,000, developed countries are 5:100,000. At the international level, there is a hundreds of thousands of gap in Chinese rehabilitation therapists.