What is the most promising future for medical device circle in the next 10 years

Put forward, improve the innovation ability and industrialization level of medical devices, focus on the development of imaging equipment, medical robot and other high-performance diagnostic equipment, fully degradable vascular stent and other high-value medical supplies, wearable, remote diagnosis and other mobile medical products.

Realize the breakthrough and application of new technology such as bio-3D printing and inducing pluripotent stem cells.

Insiders analysis pointed out that in recent years, China's medical device industry development results gratifying, but from the overall development situation, concentrated in the low-end product areas, high-end product market has been a foreign-funded enterprise "eminence". It is expected that in the next 10 years, China's medical device industry development or will usher in a radical change. The development of China's medical device industry will be from the past heavy quantity and output gradually to the quality and brand change, the market structure will change radically, scientific research ability, brand influence of the innovative enterprises will be the mainstream of the market.