What medical devices to develop most market prospects

miniaturized Medical Devices Today, medical devices are becoming increasingly popular in the health sector, including "interventional therapy". The growing sophistication of digital technology has laid the foundation for the production of miniaturized electronic medical device products. One of the most famous examples is the "Swallow capsule-type gastrointestinal endoscopy" and other electronic medical devices new products.


For example, foreign manufacturers in recent years have developed a "bracelet-type multifunctional electronic diagnostic instrument" can be worn on the wrist, it can be used to measure blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate, such as a number of important life index, this kind of new products listed by the majority of elderly consumers welcome.

"Zero defect" products For implantable medical device products, especially pacemakers, insulin pumps and implantable electrodes, the quality requirements must be absolutely reliable "zero defect products", as these products have a fatal effect if they have a 1% defect rate, such as an electronic coil short-circuit.

and the popular electronic diagnostic instrument also belongs to "zero defect" products, such as blood glucose meter and blood pressure monitor and other commonly used products if the number is incorrect, it will mislead the patient, so that it loses to the hospital and the doctor's timely treatment opportunities.