Analysis Of Long-term Trend Of Medical Device Industry

Trend one: China's high-end medical devices in the U.S. market or will shrink As far as the medical device industry is concerned, there are only 22 medical device products in the June tax list, compared to 52 of medical device products in the initial tax list announced earlier in April.

Medical device products have reduced more than half, mainly retaining high-end medical device products. Retaining high tariffs on top-end medical devices, the impact is huge for many Chinese medical device manufacturers who have just taken hold in the international market.

The high-end medical device will still be an important goal once the U.S. has introduced a tariff list for 200 billion of China's goods. After all, for China's high-performance medical device manufacturers, the expansion of overseas markets, prices are a major advantage, once the imposition of large tariffs, for many just opened overseas markets in China's medical device manufacturers, will be a big shock!

Contraction in the U.S. market will also become China's high-performance medical device manufacturers necessary means!

Trend two: A large number of manufacturers in the United States to export China's armed enterprises into a frustrated person To counter the high tariffs in the United States, June 16, the State Council Customs Tariff Commission issued a notice, the State Council tariff Commission decided to the United States of 659 imports of about $50 billion of imported goods levy 25% tariff.

6 types of medical devices are included, the most concerned is the "nuclear magnetic resonance imaging device", that is, the machine imports will be levied 25% of tariffs. According to "China Medical equipment" and other 8 institutions released in late March this year's data, in the domestic market share of MRI products, Germany's Siemens accounted for 35.1%, the United States, GE accounted for 30.4%, the Netherlands, Philips accounted for 22%, Japan's canon accounted for 10.7%, China's neusoft accounted for 7.4%,

China's share of the film accounted for 1.1%, others accounted for 0.5%. From the above can be seen, once the U.S. nuclear magnetic Resonance machine Imports Levy 25% of the tariff, the most likely to be affected by WHO, we see all understand.

And if the United States further adopts the so-called tax list, it is expected that more medical devices originating from the United States will be levied high tariffs.

Trend three: Domestic overweight import substitution, is definitely a full range of alternative Trade game is the technology game, to be invincible in the new round of anti-trade barriers war, the rise of domestic is the key! China should focus on improving endogenous growth dynamics and promoting high-quality growth strategies while fighting for war. Policy to domestic tilt, increase investment in domestic research and development, domestic medical device innovation, accelerated import substitution has entered a critical period!