Ankle Pain, Should I Use Ankle Support?

Many runners have experienced the painful experience of an ankle sprain. Want to protect the ankle joint and prevent re-injury. Can you wear an ankle when running?

After the ankle sprain is restored, although walking is no problem, the ankle will be slightly painful during running. Some netizens shared that since the running of the ankle guard, the ankle is not painful, but some netizens said that wearing an ankle guard will limit the range of the ankle. It is possible to run a short distance of 5 kilometers. After the distance is long, it will be changed elsewhere. Sore.

Experts pointed out that when running or playing, the ankle will be dull. In fact, after the sprain is restored, the muscles of the ankle and the body-sensing receptor that affects the balance are damaged. There is no repair. At this time, wearing the ankle does have the effect of protecting the ankle.

In general, the ankle is usually used when the ankle is injured, which can slow down the swelling and pain, maintain the ankle at a fixed angle, position, limit the ankle joint activity, and prevent re-injury. The ankle guard also supports the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues adjacent to the joint, allowing the ankle joint to rest properly.