Applicable Range Of Ankle Support

The footrest is made of high-strength plastic parts, drawstrings, pull-tab buckles and soft-skinned pads for easy and comfortable wear. The flexion angle of the sole of the foot can be adjusted by the pull strap, and the pad can be disassembled for easy cleaning. With a non-slip bottom, you can walk in a walk. The ankle strap can be adjusted by using the tension band that controls the flexion and extension. The fixed angle can be adjusted as needed. The different lengths of the control belts on both sides can be adjusted to properly correct the inversion or eversion of the foot. The thick inner liner is used to ensure the comfort of the force part.

The scope of application of the foot support:

(1) with decidual inflammation and fasciitis, plantar fasciitis.

(2) early sputum sputum, gastrocnemius tendon (runner 痉挛) and pronation syndrome

(3) Long-term bedridden, prevent foot drop.

(4) Acute ankle sprain, fracture and postoperative care.

(5) Reduce joint strain.

(6) Improve foot microcirculation