Can Posture Braces Help?

The goal of a posture brace is to retrain your musculature to naturally maintain proper posture.

Posture braces force and individual’s shoulders to sit back and upright. The position may be uncomfortable initially for those who have become accustomed to poor posture, but over time, the brace will alter your muscle memory so that you begin to hold yourself upright without thinking about it.

There is some controversy surrounding posture braces, as some doctors believe braces can weaken muscles as they become too reliant on the brace. Instead, they recommend regular posture exercises.

While overusing a posture brace might prevent muscles from improving, many of us who sit slumped over a computer can benefit from a brace to simply get our bodies into the habit of sitting up straight.

Once this muscle memory has been achieved, individuals should stop using the brace (or at least use it less frequently) to encourage proper muscle growth.

The key value of a posture brace is to improve muscle memory and habit – once that is achieved, the brace should be removed so that your body can develop those posture-strengthening muscles independently.