First Aid Splint Use Common Sense

Rupture of rotator cuff, dislocation of shoulder joint, postoperative orthopedic surgery,

Fracture: conservative treatment of fractures, fractures after stable fracture or reduction, and postoperative internal fixation.


Please purchase and use under the guidance of a physician.

Support effect:

1. What should I do if I have a problem with shoulder dislocation, upper arm fracture or tendon?

These problems require fixing the arm in a position called an abduction. This product is the ideal solution for optimal recovery, comfort and the latest design.

2, light and stable

Due to the innovative structure of the emergency splint, the orthosis is exceptionally light. The user can wear the orthosis for a longer period of time without causing excessive stress on the shoulder and neck regions.

3, Velcro is more convenient to use

The velcro at the ends of the strap makes it easy to secure the orthosis. The emergency splint and shoulder straps allow the user to comfortably adjust the strap around the body at any time, making it easier to wear and take off the orthosis.