Health Care, Information Technology, Emergency Safe-haven Into Three Major Hot Spots

"China Popular Science Internet Data Report 2017" is the seed word selection, machine learning derived on the basis of the Internet to carry out the collection of popular science data, analysis and research results, in order to meet the needs of public science, to achieve accurate push, provides the optimization of decision-making basis. "News sites, forums, and Weibo platforms are the three main positions for publishing and disseminating science and technology information. Bloggers and Weibo discussions are also an important contributor to the spread of science and technology, and paper and information apps are less influential in science. The report concludes with a follow-up study of 20,000 news sites, nearly 1000 paper media, 70 mainstream news apps, 1 million Weibo accounts, and nearly 100,000 WeChat public accounts. But in the media dissemination topic, the health medical care, the ecology environment, the emergency safe Haven Category news report is most popular.