How To Choose Sports Protective Gear

Although there are many kinds of sports protective gears, when exercising and playing, it is not necessary to carry them in every sport. It is necessary to select the necessary protective gears for different sports and to effectively protect the vulnerable parts.

If you want to play basketball, wear a wristband, knee pads, and ankle guard. If you want to play football, in addition to knee pads and ankle guards, it is best to wear a leg shield because the cheekbones are the most vulnerable part of the football.

Friends who like to play tennis, badminton, and table tennis, hit a ball, especially when playing backhand, the elbow will hurt, even wearing elbow pads will hurt, experts tell us that this popular name is called "tennis elbow" . Moreover, this tennis elbow is mainly at the moment of hitting the ball. The wrist joint is not braked, there is no lock wrist, and the extensor muscles of the forearm are excessively pulled, causing damage to the attachment point. After the elbow joint is protected, the wrist joint is not protected, so There is still an excessive over-flexion when hitting the ball, so the damage to the elbow joint can be aggravated.

Therefore, when you are playing tennis, if you feel elbow pain, you should wear a wristband while wearing elbow pads. And when you choose a wristband, you must choose not to be elastic, and if the elasticity is too good, it will not protect. And don't be too tight or too loose when wearing, too tight will affect the blood circulation, too loose and can not protect.

Older people suffer from different strains of bones and joints, so elderly friends should wear some ankles, knee pads and waist protectors during outings and hiking, and in the usual exercise, first control their own amount of exercise, and then Just don't do the exercises that stretch the joints and tendons too much.