How To Deal With The Change Of International Trade Market In Medical Device Enterprises

"International trade has a lot of irresistible factors, so, first of all, national enterprises should be based on the domestic market, a firm foothold in the domestic market, with technology and quality to speak, in order to deal with this sudden, man-made irresistible factors caused by the international market risk." Han Haihong suggested that domestic medical device manufacturers should pay attention to research and development ability and technology upgrading, increase research and development input, change the concept of research and development, realize the double promotion of technology and quality. At the same time, we should strengthen the training of professional research and development personnel and management personnel, and set up expert think tanks in related fields to provide intellectual support and manpower protection for enterprise Development and national policy formulation. 

Finally, we should pay attention to improve intellectual property protection and defense consciousness. Fundamentally speaking, the medical device manufacturing enterprises riveting the energy in research and development innovation to catch up is a permanent.

At the same time, it is also important to change the ideological consciousness, the past only focus on the domestic patent application thinking, improve the international patent holding rate, start the Patent defense strategy, after all, the expansion of foreign trade is the trend, to early to expand the export of products ready.