How To Prevent Knee Injury

1, pay attention to control the amount of exercise, if you feel knee pain, rest, you can not go to the running exercise.

2, learn to rely on muscle to protect the knee, should choose sports activities that can increase joint flexibility, stretch and strengthen muscle strength, such as swimming, jogging, cycling, etc.;

3, if the knee joint encounters wet and cold, it will seriously affect the local blood circulation and accelerate aging. Especially for knees that have been damaged, so away from the cold and cold environment is especially important to protect the knee.

4, young people generally do not need special calcium, usually sun, normal diet, calcium intake can already meet the needs of the body. Forcing calcium supplementation is not only a waste, but also causes disturbance to the body's circulation. After the age of 50, with the gastrointestinal function, the decline of the body's transformation function and other factors, resulting in decreased calcium intake, it is recommended to supplement calcium.