How To Use Knee Support Safely?

It is advised to get the usage guidance from your doctor or physical therapist. Because depending on your knee condition and need the usage may also differ. Some may need to be worn for shorter durations and some may have to be worn all day long. Get the advice from your doctor for proper guidance for your condition.

One may feel discomfort in the initial days when they start using the knee braces, but it should get normal after few days.

Knee braces are suggested to use for providing the support needed while the patient is under rehabilitation. Along with the use of knee braces, it is also important to do knee strengthening exercises as directed by your doctor depending on your condition.

Knee braces may damage as part of regular wear and tear, check the condition of your knee brace at a regular basis. Keep your knee brace in good condition by cleaning it regularly as directed by your medical expert or as per the usage direction provided on the product leaflet.