Import Medical Equipment Reduced Tariff

June 13, the State Council's executive meeting convened to determine the further expansion of import measures to promote structural benefiting and foreign trade balance development. Among them, the meeting of the State Council determined: support for the livelihood of the consumer goods, medicine and rehabilitation, elderly care and other equipment imports, the implementation of the reduction of some commodity import tax rate measures to reduce the intermediate circulation link, clean up unreasonable fare increases, so that the masses feel the benefits of tax reduction.

The meeting also identified an increase in the import of technical equipment that would contribute to transformational development. Two months ago, it was also the State Council executive meeting, which decided to impose zero tariffs on imported anticancer drugs and encourage the importation of innovative drugs. Then, soon, the State Council's Customs Commission issued a notice that the tariff rates of 28 imported anticancer drugs were all reduced to zero from May 1 3%-6%.