Precautions For Wearing A Neck Collar

  The collar and neck brace can be worn during the day and removed at rest. During the wearing, pay attention to the compressed skin to prevent damage, and the neck support should be tight.

     Long-term application of the neck support and collar can cause neck and back muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, not only useless, but harmful, so wear time can not be too long, after the symptoms gradually reduced, it should be removed in time to strengthen muscle exercise.

     In general, cervical discomfort does not require a neck brace to brake. We suggest that you can do ridged massage, physiotherapy and other methods to adjust.

     In addition, with or without cervical spondylosis, when riding a train, airplane, driving a car and other long-distance travel, you should wear a neck brace to further protect the cervical spine, to prevent it from happening.

     In short, the rational application and skillful use of medical neck support can effectively treat cervical spondylosis, which is a good way to treat cervical spondylosis conservatively!