The Correct Use Of Polymer Bandages

The correct use of polymer bandages

The polymer bandage is widely used in major hospitals due to its advantages of convenient use, high strength, light weight and good air permeability. Mainly used for surgery, limb correction, fixed support, protection of bones and soft tissues, relief of pain and swelling and muscle spasm. So how do you know how to use it? Here is a brief introduction by Xichen Bonnie:


      1. Wrap the gauze or cotton sleeve as a liner on the shaped part;

      2. The doctor must wear disposable gloves or medical latex gloves during operation;

      3. Open a bag of appropriate size (can not open multiple bags at the same time), soak the bandage in water at room temperature for 4-8 seconds, remove excess water after taking out, and use it quickly within 3-5 minutes;

      4. Spirally wrap from the narrow plastic part to the wide part as needed. Wrap each layer 1/2 to 2/3, the elastic is moderately suitable, the unsupported part is wound 3-4 layers, and the support part is wound 5-6 layers. (can also be folded repeatedly to drag)

      5. Shape the shape according to the bones and muscles, so that the layer is fully bonded to the layer;

      6. Harden after about 10 minutes, and bear the weight after 30 minutes;

      7. It can be easily removed with a plaster saw or a professional saw.