The Development Of Rehabilitation Equipment Has Ushered In Opportunities

First, the government policy to help the development of rehabilitation medicine

Last year, the government issued a large number of policies, from many aspects, to help the development of rehabilitation medicine

Second, to promote medical institutions rehabilitation medical equipment supplement and update

19 put forward, will "universal health, comprehensive well-off" as the future of the major livelihood projects, disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health care "four carriages", together with the Government to promote the "Family doctor contracted service" development, let doctors out of the hospital, to society, better serve the public.

Third, the basic level of rehabilitation medical equipment demand will be greatly increased

As of 2017, the total number of community rehabilitation stations in the country accumulated 309,000, and, as China gradually into the aging society, so there is still a large space for growth.

Iv. a number of documents supporting the establishment of rehabilitation medical institutions

Since the beginning of 2017, in order to promote the further implementation of the "release of clothing", the National Health Planning Commission issued a circular and repeatedly emphasized at the meeting and encouraged the establishment of independent imaging, inspection, pathology and rehabilitation Medical Center.