The Domestic Medical Device Industry Has Entered A Second Extension

At present, the country continues to increase the policy support for medical devices, policy-intensive landing. 

At the National Science and Technology Conference held on January 9, Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, said that in 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology will accelerate the localization, high-end, brand and internationalization of medical devices. January 30, the State administration of Food and Drug, Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the "on strengthening and promoting food and drug science and technology innovation work guidance", clearly to aim at medical device science and technology development, the construction of innovative base, the establishment of production and research synergy mechanism for system deployment. It can be seen that domestic medical devices usher in new development opportunities. Recently, a symposium on the development and application of Chinese cancer Minimally invasive technology was held in Beijing by the Health Times Society and the Shanghai Yi Si Medical Technology Co., Ltd. China Medical Device Industry Association vice President Fan Xiaodong, Health newspaper editor-in-chief Meng, China Cancer Foundation chairman Zhao Ping and a number of domestic three national hospitals well-known cancer surgical experts attended the seminar, jointly discuss the Chinese science and technology innovation model of tumor minimally invasive field.