What Are The Characteristics Of The Ankle Support?

The product structure of the foot support: made of high-strength plastic parts, drawstrings, pull-tab buckles and skin-friendly soft pad, easy to wear and comfortable. The flexion angle of the sole of the foot can be adjusted by the pull strap, and the pad can be disassembled for easy cleaning. With a non-slip bottom, you can walk in a walk.

Foot support features:

1. The hard gray plastic piece sets restrict the ankle joint from moving in all directions to ensure the therapeutic effect of the brace.

2, the softness of the black high-density sponge inner liner sheet ensures the therapeutic effect

3, the brace design can be taken off at any time, it is especially convenient for wound cleaning and skin care. For stability fractures and ligament damage, the brace can play a fixed role of gypsum, not only can avoid the skin and muscle caused by gypsum. The problem can also help the patient to walk early, accelerate recovery, breathable, and facilitate postoperative care of the ankle fracture. The foot is equipped with a foot pad to ensure the 90° neutral position of the foot.