What Are The Essential Protections For Fitness?

In sports, different degrees of damage to joints and other parts will occur, and blind movements will not be possible. For our daily fitness, we must have a purpose, pay attention to time and intensity. No matter how much you love sports, you should also pay attention to the protection of your body. These instruments are for you, so that the exercise is no longer "painful"!

1, gloves

In our fitness, 60% of muscle strains occur on the wrist. When exercising, wearing a fitness glove can provide a good anti-slip effect, improve the stability and safety of the exercise, and at the same time increase the grip and strength of the hand-held device.

2, belt waist

In order to protect the waist during exercise, choose a professional waist protector, which can protect the waist and strengthen your waist strength. Strengthen the support of the waist, the back rubber and steel soft ribs provide good support and temperature to the waist, the flexibility of the support strip can give the waist protection without affecting your activities!

3, knee pads

Give you plenty of power and protection, exercise your leg muscles and reduce damage to your knees. It is important to choose a knee pad that suits you.

Not only bodybuilding training, basketball, football, weightlifting, but almost all sports will use protective gear! The main meaning of the protective gear is to protect the trainer and reduce the damage in the exercise, while the protective gear can avoid some unnecessary troubles, but it must be remembered that the protective gear is only an auxiliary tool, the most important The method of avoiding injury is still a correct assessment of the content of the sport and its own quality. To avoid injury, it is necessary to have a strong sense of protection for the self.