What Is The Role Of Medical Care?

Protective gear is a tool to protect yourself from injuries. Generally, it can be divided into head, shoulder protector, hand guard, elbow guard, wrist protector, waist protector, leg protector, knee protector, ankle guard, combined sports protector, and other sports protectors. The main difference between the two is that wearing protective gear during exercise can also move freely. However, after being injured in sports, the medical protective gear brought on will be limited, not to mention exercise. Take sports wristbands and medical wristbands as an example:

1, the role of sports wristband: the first is to provide pressure, reduce swelling; the second is to limit activities, so that the injured part can rest and live.

2, medical wristbands: soft and flexible. Metal-plastic stable struts in the interlayer. It can support and reduce the load on the wrists that are weak and fatigued.

All in all, the protector protects your joints from damage, and the sports protector protects you from injury during exercise. The medical protective gear will help you to recover after you are injured, and will be harmed again.