What Is The Role Of Wearing A Kneepad?

Many runners often have misconceptions about knee pads. They believe that using knee pads can "treat the disease, not get sick" and solve all joint problems. In fact, knee pads are only auxiliary tools, because the design principle of knee pads is to use elastic bandages to limit the range of joint movement and reduce the wear of articular cartilage. When the knee is injured, the knee brace is used to maintain the stability of the joint and to prevent the tendon ligament around the knee from pulling the injury again. Rather than actively preventing the occurrence of sports injuries, it is impossible to solve the knee problem at all.

For a running friend who has no knee injury, if you can take it without you, let the body adapt to the outside world and strengthen yourself. In daily running, instead of using knee pads to protect your knees, it is better to strengthen your ligaments, proprioceptors, and protect yourself.