Which Medical Devices Can Help You

1, tennis elbow pressure belt or elbow pads

The principle of wearing sports protective gear is to press the pain point, effectively relieve the burden of pulling the muscles during strenuous exercise, and let the injured tendon parts not be pulled during the movement and continue to be injured.

The professional elbow protector has a silicone gasket on the inside and outside of the elbow joint to reduce the load on the elbow joint more effectively.

2, arm guard

This type of brace compresses the upper arm and forearm and restricts excessive rotation of the forearm through the reinforcing portion.

3, wristbands

The professional wristband is pressurized on the back and palm sides of the wrist to limit excessive wrist movement.

Ordinary wristbands may be weaker than the compression type of wrist protectors, but they can also limit the excessive movement of the wrist joints to a certain extent, and play a protective role.