Why Good Posture Is Good For Your Health

Maintaining proper posture is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

1. Improves Physical Appearance. Standing up straight and tall with proper posture gives you a taller appearance and can even make you look slimmer. It also adds a sense of inner and outer confidence. Who doesn’t want a little more of that?

2. Increases Energy Levels. Slouching over actually prevents your body from receiving sufficient oxygen. This can drastically affect your energy levels, leading to weight gain and lethargy.

3. Boosts Blood Flow. In addition to oxygen deprivation, slouching posture also affects blood flow. Straighter posture promotes healthy blood flow, which may even prevent heart issues.

4. Reduces Head and Neck Pain. Bad posture often results in neck, head, and back pain that will only get worse if not corrected.

1. Alleviates Headaches. Poor posture can regularly lead to tension headaches.

2. Cure Numbness. The spine is part of the body’s central nervous system, which means a poorly positioned spine can result in limb numbness and even impaired bladder or bowel control.

3. Prevent Depression. Poor posture isn’t just bad for your physical health–it may affect your mental health too. Research from San Francisco State University has actually found a link between bad posture and depression.