CE Pneumatic Cam Walker with ROM Hinge

CE Pneumatic Cam Walker with ROM Hinge
Model Number: FT-022
Product Name: CE Pneumatic Cam Walker With ROM Hinge
Function: Aid propulsion
Substitute ankle motion
Decreased heel-strike force on calcaneus
Product Details

Range of Application:

1. Grade II/III ankle sprain

2. Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus and medial malleolus

3. Post ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery

4. Forefoot or midfoot injury

5. Severe Ankle Sprains

6. Stable Ankle Fractures

7. For Post Surgery rehabilitation

8. Emergency immobilization for forefoot, ankle, tibia end injuries

9. Conservative treatment for forefoot, ankle, tibia end injuries, for patients5.who need to stand or walk in early stage of post-operative rehabilitation

10. Keep functional position for patient with forefoot, ankle, tibia end and their soft tissues injuries

11. Suitable for Stress Fracture

About The Product:

1.comfortable soft foam, air poutches inside the foots offer extra comfort.

2.easy asdustable from the the hook and loop closure.

3.universal design fits right or left foot and features a soft, washable liner.

4. Aluminum boot shell and upright system that, unlike plastic boots, can be reformed to fit virtually any leg or ankle shap.

5.Cushioned inner/outer sole are designed to absorb shock upon heel strike.

6.Lightweight, reliable frame with open heel

7.Wide foot plate to accommodate edema or bandages

8.ROM settings between 40 degrees plantar-flexion and 30 degrees dorsi-flexion


Material: Plastic, foam, velour, Hinge, Air pump, hook/loop faster

Size:S,  M,  L,  XL

Color: Gray

Use Instruction:

The foot put into the cam walkers, adjust the loop/hoo strap and ROM hinges as per requirement. And Click air pump so that it will be comfortable.

Preservation Method:

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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