Post Surgery Orthopedic Shoes ROM Ankle Walker 14''

Post Surgery Orthopedic Shoes ROM Ankle Walker 14''
Model Number: FT-012
Product Name: Post Surgery Orthopedic Shoes ROM Ankle Walker 14''
Function: Aid propulsion
Substitute ankle motion
Decreased heel-strike force on calcaneus
Product Details

Range of Application:

Grade II/III ankle sprain

Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus and medial malleolus

Post ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery

Forefoot or midfoot injury

About The Product:

CLINICALLY PROVEN TO PROTECT & TREAT a broken toe, metatarsal fracture, stress fracture, sprain, post bunion surgery, or any other type of toe, foot, or ankle injury where you need to immobilize your foot, yet be able to walk while you heal.

FEATURES A COMFORTABLE, DELUXE FOAM LINER, wide toe bed and open toe design, allowing room for swelling and bandaging.

LOW PROFILE, ROCKER BOTTOM for a more natural step and EASILY ADJUSTABLE medical-grade fastener straps, which allow you to customize the fit.

RIGID, POLYMER PLASTIC reinforced shell provides protection and support on both sides of your foot and ankle.

Inflatable air system for maximum support and comfort, and adjustable ROM limitation to fit comfortably.

Contoured strut provides increased durability and stability.

Lower profile and rocker-bottom design for natural gait.

Walking boot for treatment and recoverying sprains and fracture in the ankle or foot.

Plastic molded uprights with steel reinforcement for increased durability that helps support the limb while providing protection

Rocker sole and shock-absorbing insole helps promote a natural gait to allow continuation of daily activities


Material: Plastic, foam, velour, Hinge, Air pump, hook/loop faster

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: Black

Use Instruction:

The foot put into the cam walkers, adjust the loop/hoo strap and ROM hinges as per requirement. And Click air pump so that it will be comfortable.

Preservation Method

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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