Deluxe Shoulder Support Medical

Deluxe Shoulder Support Medical
Model Number: SD-013
Product Name: Deluxe Medical Shoulder Support
Function: Stabilizes the shoulder joints.
Closed cell neoprene with compressive and proprioceptive effect.
Therapeutic warmth for the shoulder and upper arm.
Elevate humeral head for anti-gravity
Relief tensile force at the subacromial space
Prevents and supports sports and work related shoulder or clavice.
Product Details

Range of Application:

Proximal fracture of the humeral head

Shoulder dislocation/subluxation

Reconstruction of the supraspinatus tendon


1. Stabilizes the shoulder joints.

2. Designed to treat instability and hypermobility.

3. The shape design can fit the shoulder snugly which can avoid the bulge while doing exercise.

4. Closed cell neoprene with compressive and proprioceptive effect.

5. The opening on the sleeve can be easy to put on and off.

About the product:

REASONABLE DESIGN:According to human body structure design,wear more comfortable

EASY OPERATION: Adjustable hook loop closure make it easy to operate by yourself

NON-SLIP MATERIAL - Our lightweight neoprene breathable material that sits tightly on your shoulder and does not slip

EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Regardless if you are small or large framed person, Tribe Lifting shoulder support brace would fit anyone

MULTI PURPOSE APPLICATION - Our shoulder brace can help with strains, sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, subluxation and other shoulder complications. Use it to relieve shoulder pain at work, office, basketball and lacrosse games. Tribe Lifting posture brace is great for keeping optimal posture and relieving stress from shoulders

COMFORTABLE FIT - Soft neoprene brings warmth and comfort even after many hours of wear

EASY TO PUT ON AND REMOVE - Our extra-strength reinforced velcro straps can be fastened and unfastened within seconds


Material: Neoprene, Nylon, Hook/Loop fastener


Color: Black

Use Instruction:

Put the arm into the neoprene sleeve,  the neoprene strap get through the front and back, then Hook and Loop fastener touch on the side.

Preservation Method:

Avoid high temperature & moisture

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